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A Farage Forecourt System

Hoge 100


The Background

Hoge 100 were approached by a customer to provide a custom software solution for their Petrol Forecourt franchise business.

Their business was based on a centralised headoffice with satalite franchise sites each of which required auditing at the close of each day.

Bespoke software was required to focus on the delivery and sales of not only petrol and deisel but also other goods and products that might be sold from the Forecourt shop.

The Brief

Write, deliver and support a software solution focusing on end of day sales recording and auditing of fuel and saleable good and products.

The Solution

Hoge 100 designed and created a Windows based desktop application driven by a Mircrosoft SQL Database.

Why Hoge 100?

Hoge 100 has long standing experience of parcel despatch and management systems.

Formed in 1988, we have a track record of helping a wide range of companies implement professional software solutions in their businesses.

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Key Features

Fuel Delivery and Sales
Shop Goods and Products
End of Day Reporting
Franchise Audit
Headoffice reporting
Windows Desktop Application

Technical Stuff

Microsoft .NET Platform
Microsoft SQL Server Database